No, these cameras weren't used in the making of the photographs. Who cares? Can you name the brand of camera that Ansel Adams used? Or Edward Weston? On what brand oils and brushes Georgia O'Keeffe used? Or Rembrandt?

A camera is a camera -- a light-tight box used for recording a split second of life. We now have auto focus, auto exposure, auto sharpening cameras. But in this age of auto-everything, we haven't developed a "Good Picture" button. The one pushing the shutter button is still the key to a good photograph. A respectable photographer should -- within a camera's physical capabilities -- be able to take the same pictures with any camera.

The work displayed has come from a variety of cameras, most of them 35mm single lens models, film and digital. But the key to good photography is in the lenses. You see photographers today owning the world's most expensive camera model. Then to save money, use the world's cheapest lens. A lens made of bottle glass mounted on the world's most expensive camera isn't going to produce very good photographs.

The older work displayed was produced the "old-fashioned" way -- on film and in a darkroom. More recent work is digital. Future work will be digital. Until something new comes along.